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How To Secure My Crystal Infused Water Bottle

October 07, 2020 0 Comments

How To Secure My Crystal Infused Water Bottle


If your Crystal Water Bottle has begun leaking, now is not the time to worry. No, it does not mean that your bottle is broken, nor does it mean that there is something wrong with your bottle. 

We are going to go through a few steps that will help prevent this from happening in the future, or atleast make you aware of how to handle it if it does happen again in the future. 

Disassemble the all components of the bottle

Remove the lid from the glass, remove the pod from the lid, and with a pointy object, remove the silicon piece that you will find inside of the lid. 

Analyze the condition of the pieces, & make sure they are all dry

Once you have removed all of the pieces, make sure that they are all dry and are in good condition (meaning no holes, cracks or rips in any piece). 

Put the pieces back together

When you are putting the silicon piece back inside of the lid, you must understand that it is the most important piece in preventing leakage. If it is not put back properly, the bottle will continue to leak. You must make sure that it is put in, without any exposed areas. 

When that is completed, put the Gem pod back on to the lid, and re attach the lid back to the glass body. When you are attaching the lid to the glass piece, DO NOT overly tighten the bottle. Of course you must make sure that it is secure, but overly tightening the piece can result in the silicon piece moving out of place, which will result in more leakage. Also, overly tightening the piece can cause damage on the bottle and the lid component. 

This is the only reason as to why your bottle would be leaking, unless it was damaged from being overly tightened. If you have tried these 3 steps, and still experience leakage from your bottles, please contact us at, and we will look into the issue further for you! 

We hope this helped! Drink responsibly y'all.